Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Madness indeed!

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March is almost over and there has been plenty of fun in the life of the Bell family. Quincy is growing every day both in size and in skill. He is accomplishing some things a month or so ahead of schedule. He is starting to eye our food when we eat, which means he should be ready to start on the solid foods (starting with rice cereal) very soon. His 4 month check-up is next week and I am interested to see how big he is now.

Just a few weeks ago, Quincy didn't really love "Tummy Time" - now it's one of his favorite activities!

This kid is all smiles!

Matt, MaryAnn and Lily-Kate Perry came to visit and to have dinner with us, before MaryAnn gives birth to their 2nd child (due mid-April). Here are some great pics of Quincy and Lily-Kate

Matt & Lily-Kate

Backyard fun with my nephew Kellan (while Quincy was sleeping)

Kellan teaching Quincy about sea creatures on the activity mat

Quincy is really good at grabbing things now with his super-strong grip!

My 3 boys on a lazy Sunday

Check out this video!

So serious!

We went to my parent's house to celebrating St. Patrick's Day a couple days early with the family. My mom made delicious Corned Beef & Cabbage, and Joan made Irish Soda Bread that was so good!
Here is Joan with Quincy

And FINALLY - a picture of Q with my godfather Chuck!

Kellan loved saying "Cheers!" (and then gave the beer right back to Larel)

My brother and me with our kids

It's hard to believe that Kellan will be 2 in May - he's not a baby anymore!

Look at Kellan eyeing my dad's Guinness

Quincy and his Uncle Natan

Quincy is getting so strong and can support his head so well

Kellan making discoveries in our backyard

And keeping an eye on his little cousin Quincy

On the 19th, Solon and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary.

We were supposed to go to the Etta James concert with Natan & Larel, but the show got rescheduled at the last minute. So Solon and I tried to go to Pizza Bianco downtown - but the wait was 3 HOURS! So instead, we went to CIBO - an urban pizzeria in an old house in one of the historic districts. The food was delicious and the wine was straight from Italy. We enjoyed a wonderful Shiraz, a spicy salami pizza, and a smoked salmon and basil pizza. For dessert, fresh-made crepes with fresh fruit and ice cream, and topped with homemade whip cream. IT WAS DIVINE! Water to wash it all down with =)

Alison and Chris came for dinner and a visit, and Quincy got to meet Chris for the first time! QB loved his New York accent!

We had a great time!

Quincy loves being naked

Hanging with Dad

On March 5, our friends Jack & Danielle Phillips welcomed their daughter Eve Anastasia to the world.

Since the day we found out they were having a girl, Solon and I have said that she and Quincy would be betrothed. What a beautiful couple they would make!

They already have something in common

Yesterday we finally got to meet her for the first time!

Jack, Danielle & Lucy B with Quincy

Sleeping in their matching car seats! Eve - 3 weeks, Quincy - 15 weeks

Hangin' with mom

Connecting with dad

So big!

In other news, I recently did a "fitness study" at a nearby Women's gym for three weeks before signing up for a membership. I lost 4 lbs and lost an inch on my waist and half inch on everything else. It's circuit training for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, with free classes (like Stability Ball which I did this morning) - which is great for me, because I am much better with a focused workout plan, rather than just wandering around a gym. And now I am super-motivated to get in shape before Quincy gets real active. I feel great and have tons of energy!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This life is so much fun!

Let me start out by saying how absolutely in love I am with my little family. Every day brings so much joy to our lives, because of this little boy and the fun that we all have together. He is laughing, and smiling all the time, on his own - he is such a happy baby! Quincy is now in his crib and is sleeping 9 hours straight. He has a great routine (thanks to On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo) and we have our own little groove going. He can almost hold his head up all the way (without support) and he is able to grip a rattle with either hand, and then shakes it like crazy!

The past 2 weeks have been filled with many visitors and activities, and we love sharing our little man with the people we love!

Holly (one of my best friends since high school) & her husband Chad came in town from Reno, Nevada to visit, the same weekend her mom Jill & stepdad Mike came in town from Farmington, New Mexico - so we all got together so they could meet Quincy.

Here we are hanging on at Kierland Commons on Friday 2/27

And a Desert Ridge on Saturday 2/28

Saturday night, Solon & I went to see the 50th Anniversary of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre with our friends Kristina and Troy. A friend of mine from South Mountain H.S. - Clifton Brown - is one of the main dancers with the company, and we were so excited to see him. Unfortunately, he was dancing in all the pieces on Sunday's performance, so we didn't get to see him at all. =( The performance was incredible anyway; these dancers are truly gifted. If Alvin Ailey ever comes through where you live, you should definitely go see the show - it is worth every penny!

Here is a pic of Clifton doing one of his many famous leaps!

Grandma Lisa came in town for a quick visit

Solon's cousin Marlon and his wife Ashley came to visit from Kansas City - Solon and Marlon hadn't seen eachother in 15 years!

Hanging with Papa Tom at Sunday dinner

Someone is happy that he is now 3 months old!

My handsome nephew Kellan has been coming over once a week to play, and here is with my boys watching THE LION KING. Kellan loves it! He goes crazy for all the different animals on screen, and calls out each new one he sees. He also tells me what sounds they make. I love him!

Kellan spending quality time with his Uncle "Shay Shay" and his cousin Q & Forrest

I love this picture! They were both tired of me taking pics - they wanted to watch the movie!

Two weeks ago I posted the newborn pictures of Olivia - my friend Kristine's baby. This past Friday (3/6) Quincy and I went to go meet her.

And then Friday night, our good friends Troy, Kristina & Sidney Klock came over for dinner.

Sidney was so happy to meet the baby!

Solon & Quincy ready to take Forrest for his morning walk

Just chillin' on the couch

At lunch with my friend Amanda (I worked with her at the bridal shop)

This past Sunday 3/8 we headed out to Maricopa to visit Christina & Aaron Reese, and their new baby boy Tyler. Charissa, Eric & Garrett Stromski joined us out there as well, so we could get our 3 boys together for the first time.

Quincy (3 months) with Garrett (10 months) and Tyler (6 weeks)

These boys will be the best of friends!

Sunday night was the first time we put Quincy in his crib, so we were able to do his whole bedtime routine upstairs. Here he is with daddy reading a bedtime story. He loved it!

March is turning out to be a great month, and on the 19th we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary! We have plans that night to attend the Etta James concert at the Celebrity Theatre with Natan & Larel - a gift from my parents. Mom & Dad will watch the boys while we enjoy to show.