Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorry... we've been a little busy

I realized that my (internal) New Year's resolution to blog more hasn't really gotten off to that great of a start, but I like to think it's okay, because we have been busy enjoying the simpler things in life, such as:



Celebrating (my Daddy's 62nd Birthday, Grandpa Meredith's 67th Birthday, Tyler's 1st Birthday)

Spending time with Aunt Alynsia (aka "Nut Nut")

Climbing into drawers

Brotherly bonding

Watching & playing a lot of football

Hoopin' at the park





Sliding & Swinging




It's been too much fun...

It's amazing to see just how much Quincy and all his little friends are growing and changing. It's crazy to think back to a couple years ago, when none of them even existed yet, and how much all of our lives has changed since. It is truly a wonderful gift that we have been given, and we are so grateful to be able to be so close to so many of our dear friends. There are many though, who don't live in AZ, and we wish that our kids could meet. Maybe soon...

At 13 months, Quincy has begun a serious separation anxiety phase, where he freaks out if Mommy or Daddy go too far. We went to happy hour on Friday night with some of Solon's friends from Iowa, and Quincy cried pretty much the whole 2 hours he was at my parent's house. That was new. He is still the world's pickiest eater, and I am hoping that a miracle occurs soon where he gets so bored with the same 5 things that he insists on eating, that he just starts eating off my plate. A girl can dream right? I am trying to be patient every day, with the new things I offer him, and hopefully one day, it will just work. We shall see.

Quincy talks all the time, jibber-jabbering all around the house. He talk like his mommy and Grandma Chacha, very expressive with the use of his hands. He walks into a room and announces himself by saying "HI!", he says "More" when he's hungry, he says "Moo" like a cow, he says "Doodle-oodle-oo" like a rooster, he picks up a ball to throw it and says "Ball"," and his favorite song is the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" to which he will go around the house singing "Boom Boom" all day long. It's really precious. He walks so fast and confidently, that it is almost a run, and he can climb the staircase in 5 seconds flat (or so it seems). He loves to climb, he loves to tear down buildings after Mommy builds them with blocks, and he still loves playing in Forrest's water bowl, which makes bathtime even more fun. He is into everything - you can't take your eyes off him for a second.

Here is a current picture and a flashback picture of Quincy and his friends.
The flashback picture was taken on March 8, 2009 - QB was 3 months old, Tyler was a month and half old, and Garrett was 10 months.

This picture (with us holding the boys, or else it would never have happened), was taken January 23, 2010 - Quincy (13 months), Tyler just turned 1, and Garrett (20 months). Look how much they have changed!

I can't believe I got this entire post done in one nap time! That felt good - it had been too long since my last update. I hope this post finds our friends and family well. May 2010 be starting out wonderfully for all of you.

More posts to come...


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