Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Adventures

Okay, my apologies for taking 6 weeks to publish a new post. Once you see the pictures of the last month & a half you will see. It's kind of funny, because at the beginning of the summer, we had a pretty blank calendar. Then we decided to fill it with a couple things, and the next thing you know, the whole summer is gone...

So here's what we've been up to:

We flew Papa Allen in from Iowa for his Father's Day/birthday present, because QB wanted to see his "Papaw". Last time we were in Iowa, it took Quincy 3 days to warm up to him, but they were buddies within minutes this time.
Papa Allen & his 2 grandsons

At Pinnacle Peak Patio with Marsielle!

My parents and godfather Chuck stopped by to say hi to Allen before he left

QB with his Papas Tom & Allen, and Grandma Chacha

Our 1st trip of the summer was up north for a couple days. We started in Prescott, drove through Sedona, and stayed the night in Flagstaff.
While driving through Prescott, I found this beautiful scenic shot.

We found a little creek for Quincy to play in

Quincy loved the hotel we stayed in

Trying on Daddy's tie

At a great park in Flagstaff

We had a wonderful time in the cooler weather, and definitely want to make the trip up north every summer.

When we got back, Quincy had a playdate with Eve.

They were getting tired by this point

Later that same afternoon, Tyler came over to play

Quincy loves helping Daddy with yardwork

Our 2nd trip of the summer was a real adventure.

I won't go into the extended version of the story, but basically, DO NOT EVER STAY IN A COMFORT INN HOTEL IN SAN DIEGO. EVER.
I tried to save us a few bucks by skimping on the hotel, and booked it through Yahoo Travel. The guy at the front desk (at 11pm) was a total moron, and couldn't find our reservation, and then put us in a room that 5 minutes later he gave away to someone else. We were in the room (at midnight by the time we got in there) and were half unpacked and about to put Quincy down when there was a knock on the door. A lady was standing outside with room keys for our room. Then 5 minutes later, there was another knock on the door and a security guard was outside with keys for OUR new room. We had to pack up all of our stuff, and move all the way across 4 buildings to our new room that smelled like cat pee. Quincy was a champ the whole time, but we were irritated beyond belief.
The next morning we took it up with the manager of the hotel, who at first wasn't going to do anything about the HUGE inconvenience, but Solon laid down the law, and we eventually came out happy and were able to FINALLY start our vacation (after moving into our 3rd room - one that didn't smell like cat pee). I promise, that was the short version of the story.

We went to the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park in Escondido, and loved it!
The animals were everywhere, and had so much land to roam across. Here are some of the beautiful creatures we encountered.

This reminded us of Forrest

Quincy was wiped out by the end of the day

The next morning we went to Mission Beach for breakfast. It was still overcast out, so it was chilly on the beach.

Later that afternoon, we went to Coronado with the Lewis family. Narayan & I used to work on the morning show together at the ZONE. He and his wife Robin have a 6-month old named Gavin, and it was wonderful to see them and catch up. The sun was out, and the day turned out to be beautiful.

Narayan helping Gavin catch his first wave

Quincy loved the beach

We are all grown up now!

What a beautiful family

This was just too cute not to post

Sunday morning before we headed home, we had breakfast on Mission Beach with the Perry family (who live in Gilbert, but were in San Diego - so we took the opportunity to see them)

(Most of these pics were taken with MaryAnn's amazing camera)

It was time to leave, and the kids did NOT want to say goodbye


Back home with big brother Forrest

We had a little visitor in our backyard

My godson Joshua turned 9 this month, so we stopped by his birthday party, and Quincy was able to try out bowling for the first time. He loved it!

My godson Cody (who will be 12 this year!!!)

Joshua (9), Cody (11) & Quincy (20 months) = My boys!

Me with my boys

Quincy enjoying kisses from "Auntie" Verlinda

Here are some Quincy candids

Just tried an Oreo cookie for the first time

Taking it to the hole

Quincy loves Dada's shoes

Naptime with Dada

Here's a picture of me with my baby bump at 17 1/2 weeks

We had an ultrasound today (18 weeks, 3 days along)-
Here is the baby's profile

Here is the baby's foot

And here is proof that the baby is a GIRL! It looks like a little hamburger, instead of a french fry.

So there you have it! Quincy is going to have a little sister in mid-January! We are super-excited to have one of each now.

That was a long post, so I'll end it here. Hope this finds you all well!


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congrats to all of you on baby girl! looks like your summer was fantastic.