Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up... March & April

It's been 2 months since my last post. Sorry. =) While I appreciate all the "mommy bloggers" out there in the world, I don't know how they have time to post a new blog everyday, and one with lots of content. When do they have time to be a mom? Being a full-time mom keeps me so busy, that by the time both kids are in bed, and the kitchen is clean, all I want to do is kick my feet up and watch The Biggest Loser or Grey's Anatomy. It's taken 2 weeks for me to put this post together! But I digress...

Here's what has been keeping us busy:

Quincy's best friend Eve turned 2 at the beginning of March & had a party at Imagination Ave.

Quincy likes wearing Paloma's hat

And playing with his sister

Forrest gets some love

The week of St. Patrick's Day, Quincy got a stomach virus that lasted like 5 days - it was horrible. He lost 3 lbs which was 10% of his body weight, and he looked so skinny after it was all done. Solon and I have never felt so helpless - it was heartbreaking seeing Quincy feel so terrible and not being able to do a lot to make him feel better. This picture was taken the day he started to come back to life.

Daddy loves his girl

It's crazy to think that 3 years ago, none of these kids were here

Mason & Paloma napping together

Christina & Morgan

Kellan is so gentle with his cousin

Milk moustache!

On March 31, I took the kids to visit Papa Ray - it's hard to believe he's been gone 3 years. I miss him everyday.

Paloma and Papa Tom fell asleep on the floor

So strong!

Sweet Makena came to visit for her 1st birthday in April

Alison and Judy came to meet Paloma

Paloma meets Scott, Becky & Noah (who is about 2 months older)

Becky & Holly

The Three Musketeers and our babies!!

Happy baby

Liz came to visit from California

Solon's childhood friend Shammara brought her kids over to visit before moving away from AZ

Every April, my sorority Alpha Gamma Delta has our International Reunion Day. I was able to enjoy it this year with my Grandma Mama Mimi!

Dena & Loren came to visit and meet Paloma

Fun at Babies R Us

Sammich Club is something that I have been attending since my days in radio. I took Quincy to his first Sammic Club when he was 2 months, so I decided to take Paloma to her first one at 3 months.

Since there's rarely any pictures of me

Solon and the kids hangin' on the couch

Quincy & Kellan in their matching shirts, after the Easter egg hunt

Solon matched them too


The family enjoying Easter dinner

The end of April arrived and we headed to Iowa to introduce Paloma to Solon's dad's side of the family. She did so well on the plane.

Quincy loves airplanes

Paloma meets Papa Allen!

Paloma meets cousin Marcus

Grandma Nellie meeting Paloma for the first time. The hit it off right away.

Four generations X2

Grandpa Leroy!

Aunt Sandy

Quincy checking his text messages after taking a dip in the hotel pool

Quincy loved sitting on the windowsill, playing with his cars

And Hide & Seek with mommy

Paloma was more comfortable sleepig on the bed - sleeps just like her mommy!

At the park

Sara, Sammy & Moses

Smiling for the camera!

Quincy loves the french fries

Paloma and Great-grandma Mimi who was in Iowa visting her mom

Paloma loves her daddy

I found my feet!

Solon, Paloma and "Aunt" Chris

Quincy and Jannah (2011 & 2009)

The whole gang after breakfast

Cousin Kelly after church

Quincy with his cousins Mackenzie and Jaylen

Paloma and Papa

Gaga trying to get Quincy to eat (I love this picture)

Gaga & Paloma

So grown up

Gaga's whole clan

Cousin Barbara

Chillin' with cousin Royce

Grandma loves me, she told me so

Quincy hugging his great-grandma

Our last night with Papa Allen - look how happy Quincy is spending time with him (I love this picture!)
Solon and Royce - why so serious?

It was wondeful to get back to Iowa and see all of Solon's family. Traveling with 2 kids is a lot of work - all the stuff you have to carry! But we got through it, and made it home safely. We were grateful to have been able to spend so much time with Allen - we love you Papa!! One trip down, one to go. Next stop: Seattle!

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