Sunday, December 18, 2011

Full Fall of fun!

The middle of the fall brought so many fun experiences.

I was asked to be the Toastmistress at Alpha Gamma Delta's Feast of Roses luncheon which followed the initiation of the fall pledge class. Here I am with my Pearl Sister Erin (middle) and her newly initiated "Little Sis" Katy. The Monday following this event, Erin was elected Chapter President! I knew te first time I met her that she would one day be President of our chapter at ASU. So proud of her.

Quincy's preschool held a "Night with the special girl in my life," which I attended with Quincy. The children sang us songs they had learned, we participated in a scavenger hunt, and craft project. It was nice to see how he interacted with his friends and his teachers.

For Thanksgiving at Shadow Rock, all the children came together for a Thanksgiving feast, where they sat around a "table" together (that they helped create) and said what they were thankful for. Quincy was thankful that the "feast" included popcorn.
Thanksgiving with Solon's family
Thanksgiving with my family
Papa Allen was in town for Thanksgiving weekend, and the kids loved spending time with him

Thank you Tony for these awesome pictures with your new camera!

I love this picture

The Hutton family came to visit while they were in town

Quincy helping me trim the tree

Hanging with Daddy

Colder weather means fun pajamas and plenty of photo-ops

Still loving eachother

Paloma playing on her brand new quilt!
Quincy's 3rd birthday was December 10th. I wanted to do something BIG for him, because he has had a year of a lot of changes (new sister, potty training, big boy bed, food therapy, pre-school, etc). We decided on a bounce house for the kids, and a Thomas the Train theme, so I hit up the dollar store, Michael's and Goodwill to create props that would transform the park into the Island of Sodor. It was a blast!!!

Quincy had the best day of his life. It took him 2 days to recover. It took me 3 days to recover =)

Thanks to our friends and family who helped make his day so special. It was a wonderful day.

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