Friday, March 16, 2012

Love... in the simple things

The new year has brought many new and fun experiences for us.

The kids and I went to the finish line to greet Becky after she completed the Rock & Roll Half marathon. It was her post-baby goal, and she nailed it! I am so proud of her and lived it vicariously through her, since I am not a fan of running and will most likely never aim to do that in my lifetime. =) Quincy loved watching all the airplanes fly over Sun Devil Stadium, and Paloma loved playing with her friend Noah.

Becky with her finisher's medal

Some more fun stuff...
Paloma with Mason & Morgan

She is my wild-child

Paloma wants to do EVERYTHING her big brother Quincy does. He can't drive his police car without her riding shotgun.

Enjoying an afternoon with my Great-Aunt Eleanor

Becky & her mom were so gracious to extend us the use of their family cabin up north in Pine, AZ. We took a little family getaway to enjoy the quiet life (no internet), and hopefully find some snow. We had to drive up into the mountains a little, but we found some!

Paloma loved playing with Noah's toys

Over President's Weekend, we celebrated Solon's birthday in Seattle with a visit to see his mom. We spent the weekend eating really good food, and just having some great family time.
Date night out for Korean BBQ - it was so good!

Paloma was ready to go with us

We went with Alynsia to the Seattle Aquarium which was just super cool for the kids (and us too!) Both kids had the opportunity to touch starfish, and see a giant octopus, tons of fish, and sea lions. We also got to see a brand new baby sea otter that was just a couple weeks old.


My beautiful sister-in-law, channeling her inner octopus

I have been keeping busy (in my little free time) with my Alpha Gamma Delta duties as Newsletter Editor for our Valley of the Sun Alumnae group, International Reunion Day co-chair (my favorite annual event), and I was asked to put together a "Sweetscape" for a party that my friend Nellie hosted last month. It was such a fun experience creating a dessert table that would cater to the youthful spirit in all who attended. Here are some beautiful pictures that Nellie took:

You can see more of the tables I have worked on, on the Undeniably Sweet Events Facebook Page.

So happy to swing!

Enjoying a beautiful day at Grandma Chacha's

Paloma is at a stage where she just wants to be near her big brother Quincy ALL THE TIME. She wants to be a big girl, able to do everything that he can (except walk of course). While sometimes, Quincy doesn't want to share whatever he is playing with, there are more and more moments where he is a sweet, caring big brother, willing to share with his baby sister. Those moments melt my heart. It reminds me of my childhood with my big brother. I just wanted to be joined at his hip! And Quincy is more and more remarkable every day. Preschool has transformed my baby boy into a big boy, who is smart, and adventurous, and social, and kind, and just even more awesome than we already thought he was. He has made some great friends, whom he is so excited to see each week. He hardly says good-bye to me when I drop him off! We have loved watching his transformation these last several months.

My favorite picture

Happy Spring everyone!

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