Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fall Highlights

To say I have been slacking on this blog is an understatement, so I will try to recap August through most of December in a short a post as possible.

August was a hard month for the Bell Family. With the passing of Solon's Grandma Nellie, we ended the summer on a heart-breaking note. We took a quick trip back to Iowa to celebrate her life with the family, and got to spend some extra quality time with Papa Allen and Alynsia.

Quincy started his last year of preschool, and Paloma started her first year of preschool at Shadow Rock. Saying "I LOVE THIS PRESCHOOL" would really not be saying enough. This place is just absolutely FABULOUS.

Somebody got a "Big Girl" Bed!!

I got to go to California with Charissa to see Dave Matthews Band for the first time in about 10 years! It was wonderful. Thank you for inviting me Cha! We had some much needed girl time, and ate fabulous food, drank fabulous wine, and enjoyed a fantastic concert. A perfect weekend!

We went to a circus

And did a lot of painting

My grandma received her 70-year member pin from Alpha Gamma Delta!

We visited Gaga at her new home in Sun City

We took Tia Yolanda to the Phoenix Zoo

Had fun with our cousins

And got into the Halloween spirit!

We lounged around a bit

We went to "Neverland"

Uncle Jimmy came to visit from Iowa - we shared a meal and lots of laughs

We gave thanks for ALL our many blessings

Dinner with Mama Mimi

Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus at school!

What a wonderful Fall we have had - filled with family, friends, love and laughter. We are certainly looking forward to 2014, and all the new memories it will bring.

Happy Holidays!

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