Monday, December 8, 2008

The "Plan"

When Quincy's due date came and went, we had an appointment with our doctor to discuss what to expect in the next week or so. I guess statistically, most first babies are late, and some doctors will just wait until the baby is ready to come out, usually up to 42 weeks. Well, in Quincy's case, he is a big baby - probably at least 8.5 lbs as I type this - so my doctor didn't really want us going much past 41 weeks, or else he might be too big to fit through the birth canal.

So the new plan is for the hospital to administer these gels on Tuesday 12/9 to get my cervix to start dialating. The gels are designed to get the whole labor process going. If labor hasn't started with the help of the gels, then on Wednesday morning 12/10 at 4:30am, we will go into the hospital to be induced with Pitocin which should definitely get labor going. If the gels and the Pitocin don't work (which they should), then ultimately, QB will have to come out via c-section, but that is definitely a last-resort plan for us and our doctor.

So either way, Quincy will be here by Wednesday at the latest.

Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers - we will need them!

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dee p. said...

Congrats, girl. You must be so excited. Our thoughts will be with you, stay strong!