Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keeping the pictures coming...

We have been having so much fun with our new little man. We are starting to get into a groove with QB's feeding and sleeping schedule (he sleeps all the time!), and some nights I even manage to get 8 hours of sleep (broken up of course). We think he may have been measured wrong the night he was born because at his first doctor's appointment, Quincy had grown 2.75 inches! I couldn't believe it! Then again, maybe that's normal - he was totally squished inside me. The pediatrician says that it's just fine. He is back to his birth weight, and is super long and lean (he loves to stretch). He makes the greatest faces, and I could listen to him breath and "purr" all day long - his noises melt our heart. Big fur brother Forrest is starting to love Quincy a little more every day - always checking on us during feedings and sleeping extra close at night. He even barks at outside noises more often that he used to - definitely showing that he is the protector of our house. We are having a great time!

Here are some more pictures of the last week or so...

First trip to the grocery store

So warm and snuggly


First Doctor's Appointment


Three Generations!

Five Generations!

So cute!

Newborn Photos (taken by Darrylee Cohen)


dee p. said...

I love reading about little Q, it gets me so excited! Looks like things are going well...keep updating us.

Charissa said...

He is so beautiful and it sounds like you guys are having a ball with him. I wish we could have come to see him!