Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekends are the best

The weekends have proven to be a lot of fun in our family, and Quincy just adds even more joy to whatever the weekend brings. Sunday dinners are always so much fun - they used to be filled with heated discussions about politics, and current events - but now the conversations are taken over by us anxiously awaiting what my nephew Kellan will say next, with such vigor. And the last couple weekends we have been observing his reaction to his new little cousin Quincy. I think these pictures speak for themselves. He is starting to like his cousin more and more everytime he sees him, and is super sweet to him. He says, "Hi, Hi, Baby Kinsie." (That his phonetic spelling.)

Here are pics from last Sunday Night's dinner.

Another great part of growing up that is still kind of surreal, is seeing my friends that I grew up with, with babies. Yesterday, we went to Matt & MaryAnn Perry's house to celebrate the 1st birthday of their daughter Lily-Kate. Quincy slept through the whole party, but Kellan had a blast playing with the kids there, and it was so wonderful to see him playing with Matt's little girl. It was like watching a mini-Natan, and a (female version of) mini-Matt. Everyone had a great time.

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