Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How time flies...

It's hard to believe that January is 2/3 done already! Today was a great day. History was made and I look forward to the day when Quincy will understand the significance of this day in history. It gave me chills to watch our 44th President get sworn in today, as a sea of people cheered him on. Oh happy day!

I love this family!

Quincy had his one-month doctors check-up today (technically he's 6 weeks). He weighs 12 lbs. 8 oz. and is 24 inches long! The doctor said now would be a good time to sign him up for football! Everything checked out great; he is a happy and healthy baby! He smiles back at us when we make silly faces and he is cooing all the time. He grunts, and purrs, and hums - such a musical baby!

Here's a remarkable comparison of Solon and Quincy

Here are some pics from January...

Jaime & Quincy

Maia meeting Quincy for the first time

Catching some ZZZ's

Charissa & Quincy

Charissa's son Garrett with Quincy

Kristine & Quincy

The Baby Bjorn!

Someone discovered the bunny!

First time in a swing

In his Winnie the Pooh outfit!

With Alaina!

Wearing his Nebraska Huskers beanie on Great Grandpa Meredith's birthday

He likes to talk to the toucan

With Marsielle

Mommy's Little Monster


Charissa said...

Man, he looks so much like Solon, with all of mommies beauty! I can;t wait to come visit on Friday.

dee p. said...

He looks so different from when we last saw him! He looks just like his dad already. See you Sat!

Dan, Mimi and Claire said...

Honey, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! And I cannot believe how much he looks like Solon! I can't wait to meet him! :)