Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiration, among other things

Last night, Solon, my mom and I felt extremely priveleged to attend ASU's Commencement program where our wonderful President Obama was giving the Commencement address. Our seats were no more than 100 yards from him, and it was just an amazing experience to be a part of.

Never before in my life has a single individual continued to move me with his words, to make me want to be a better person, to want to serve my community more than I have previously, to want to spread POSITIVITY in this nation that is still divided, but slowly turning around. He has inspired me with every speech he has given since the first time I heard him back in 2004. He is a brilliant man - and his charisma is infectious. He has the ability to light a fire underneath people to take action, and last night, he did just that. It was amazing to see first hand the support he had from EVERYONE (except of course the 5 protestors that were outside - which was pretty sad - but free speech nonetheless), and to hear the stadium roar in applause throughout his speech.

For those of you who missed it - I encourage you to watch it and really listen to his words. It is awesome.

The whole event was really inspiring - especially when a few of the top graduates were recognized. One guy migrated here from Lebanon, through Turkey, while learning 2 new languages, helping create refugee programs wherever he went, completed high school in 2 years in AZ, and then was graduating last night after only 3 years. He did a whole bunch of other stuff that I forgot. Then there was a girl who was receiving FOUR degrees - what? Watch out for her, she's about to take over the world. Then there was a hispanic student who grew up very poor but wanted to be an engineer. He was so smart when he and some friends competed in an engineering competition of some sort with only the $800 they had raised, and their passion for their project, they ended up beating a team of MIT students with an $11,000 budget, and went on to win all 3 awards. WOW! And then a 17-year-old graduate - while most people her age are graduating from high school at 17, she received her nursing degree last night, as the youngest student ever to be accepted into the program. All these students excelled academically while serving their communities. Unbelievably inspiring.

***In other news***

The last 2 weeks have been filled with a lot of fun with our little man. Quincy's personality is revealed a little more every day. He definitely thinks he is funny. He likes pulling the blanket up over his eyes, for me to pull off and say "peek-a-boo", then he laughs. The cute kissing thing I mentioned in a previous post? Well now he goes to kiss me, and burps (this happens only when I am nursing him) - and then he laughs. He now scratches his head while he is eating, which is so funny to watch, and his new thing is to make a motor-like sound with his lips. It's exciting to watch him discover something new every day.

Hanging with Kellan

Eating Solid Foods - Rice Cereal

New position - loves to scratch heads!

More from the Sunday night dinner vault (the week before Mother's Day)

Kellan giving Quincy a hug

Our cousin Marcus (sitting) & our friend Eddie from Cedar Rapids

Quincy @ a Wine Tasting event (pictured here with Aaron, Christina & Tyler Reese)

Only 6 weeks apart!

More food - sweet potatoes!

Garrett's 1st B-day Party: Balloons!; 1st time in a pool; Garrett & his cake

Eric, Charissa & Birthday Boy Garrett

And of course, Sydney - I love this girl

Video of Quincy's 1st time in the pool

Mother's Day/Kellan's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe Kellan is 2 already. He loved the pinata at first but then didn't quite understand it, so we all took turns hitting it until the bottom broke open, and out poured cereal bars - Kellan's favorite!! He might be into it a little more next year. When Larel lit the candle on top of his cupcake, he said in a very authoritative voice, "Don't touch it (referring to the flame) - it's hot." He cracks me up.

We had a very nice time with the family and enjoyed celebrating my first Mother's Day with some of the other "Mothers" in my life. It was truly a great day!

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Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

That was a great post, I love all the pics! The kids look so sweet w/ your grandma. I love that pinata too, how adorable!