Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movin' & Shakin'

Since my last post, we tried to lay low a little bit recovering from all the 30th birthday festivities. It's getting harder and harder to take many quality pictures of Quincy these days because I can barely get him to sit still long enough to wait for the flash to go off. From the time he wakes up (6am) until the time he goes to bed, he is ON THE MOVE. In the last few weeks, he has gone from crawling all over the place to pulling himself up to a standing position. We aren't trying to encourage walking too early, b/c we want to make sure that he's developing fully and getting the most out of being on all fours, but he is doing this all on his own. I have a feeling he will be walking before he hits the 1-year mark.

At his 9-month check up this month, he was 20.5 lbs, and 29.75 inches long. He is in the 50% percentile for weight and the 90% percentile for height. Doctor says he is a perfectly healthy boy! He also said it was time to put him in the next level car seat, so we installed those this weekend - he is officially past the infant stage now. Just last week, one of Quincy's top teeth broke through, and the other one is quickly following. Solon was traveling for a week, and when he returned, he couldn't believe how much he had changed in just one week! Just yesterday, Quincy decided to try to climb the stairs! He was on his way to the 2nd step when I caught him. And later, with Mom behind him just in case he lost his balance, QB made it up our whole staircase following Daddy up to his office. He is so fearless!!! Time to buy a baby gate!

Okay, now for some pictures...

Holly came in town to visit from Reno, and we had a blast spending the day together.

Christina brought Tyler over for some playtime with Quincy. Since they are 6 weeks apart, they are experiencing so many of the same things right now, so we thought it would be fun to see them together in action. Check out the happy twins in their matching outfits!

I love this kid!

Here are some videos of the boys playing together:

Quincy has been pulling himself up to a standing position on everything lately.

VIDEO: This is how I find Quincy when he wakes up now - so cute!

Playing with Grandma Chacha

VIDEO: Playtime with Papa Tom

We went to a "Moms on the Move" meeting with Kristine and Olivia, and the kids had so much fun playing!

Every day that goes by, Quincy does something new and exciting. Mimicking our facial expressions is just one of the many new things that he does all the time. Here are some examples of the many faces of Quincy:

VIDEO: Quincy laughs

VIDEO: Quincy likes listening to Shakira with Mom during lunch

Daddy and Quincy

Hey, what's up?

Family pic

Going for a walk

Marsielle's mom, Sandy, was in town visiting - she finally got to meet Quincy in person!

It is finally starting to cool off in Arizona - it will be 89 degrees on Thursday!!! We are definitely looking forward to getting outside more and having some picnics at the park. Every day is getting more and more fun with Quincy, so we can't wait to see him explore the outdoors!

Until next time...

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