Friday, September 4, 2009

Who says your birthday only lasts one day?

My 30th birthday lasted a few weeks - here are pics from when we celebrated with family

During my birthday week, Quincy and I met up with Charissa and Garrett at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. We had a blast - this place is so cool!!!

They had this whole interactive section - when Garrett pressed this button, you heard a dog bark!

This grate on the floor blew cool air up when you applied weight to it

So much fun!

Look what Solon found in our garage

We also had a party with some of my friends - a Wine & Cheese party!

Forrest waiting for someone to drop him a piece of cheese

Even though it was a wine party, Jaime made the birthday girl a dirty martini

Becky and Scott drove up from Tucson for the party!

The ladies that were left by the time we got around to taking a picture

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

My little baseball player

Quincy pulled himself up to a standing position to see what was in my diaper bag

Daddy & "Daddy-boy"

He looks like such a big boy in his high chair

Quincy is feeding himself Cheerios now, and loves carbs (bagels, breadsticks, graham crackers) as much as his mommy. He is also standing up ALL THE TIME. He loves to play in Forrest's water bowl, and is still obsessed with the vaccuum. HE IS SO MUCH FUN - every day is wonderful!


Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

Great pics! I am so glad our boys are growing up together! They will have so much fun throughout the years :)

Dan, Mimi and Claire said...

If ANYONE deserves a month-long birthday, it's you :) :) Thanks for including me in your fun festivities, it was an awesome party... you've got some skills my friend :)