Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I love August...

Obviously I love August, because it's my birth month. But I have loved August since childhood because almost every year since I was a little girl, my family from Pittsburgh has made their way to Phoenix to spend some quality time in the sunshine with family (us), and (very importantly) enjoy some good food! This visit of theirs was extra-special for me, because I got to introduce them to Quincy who, up to this point, had only gotten to know him through this very blog!

My cousin Kerry Quinn with QB

Aunt Nancy!!!!

My family took me to RA for an early birthday dinner - LOVE SUSHI!!!

With Mama Mimi

Quincy had a blast because they play "clubby" music with good beats - he was bopping in his high chair (yes they actually have high chairs at RA)

We met them at their hotel pool almost every day they were here

Quincy checking out Uncle Bill's Steelers hat

We went to Tommy Bahama's at Kierland Commons for happy hour (which was awesome) - $5 appetizers! And it's not "bar" food - we had Pulled Pork Sliders (unbelievable), Coconut Shrimp, Fish tacos - EVERYTHING WAS SO DELICIOUS. We will be going back there for sure.

Quincy bonding over bagels with my cousin Darcy Leigh

And showing Kerry how he can conduct music with a straw!

My handsome brother and nephew

Kellan helped be blow out the candle on my (early) birthday dessert - um, this was delicious too


He started getting fussy after this, so Mama Mimi sang to him - he was mesmerized.

Kellan and Larel

Darcy was showing KJ how to take pictures of everyone (I wonder how those turned out)

Trying to get the boys to look at the camera at the same time is impossible. We were trying to show how cute they looked in their matching tank tops that Tia Yolanda got them. My dad got in the picture because he feels responsible for how cute they both are.

So much fun!

VIDEO: Check it! You can hear Quincy babbling a bit.

Aunt Nancy and Quincy playing with the stackable cups they got him - best toy ever!

Chuck and Solon

The Shaffners, Larel and Kellan, and QB

The Jacobs Family

I thought it was neat to see all the guys we had at our family dinner


Cousins and babies

Cousins and spouses and babies (you can tell there were multiple cameras being used b/c we're all looking at different cameras)

Mommy and Daddy

Me and my girls

Cousin Stephen!

I love this family!!! The time we spend with them is never enough!!!

Quincy playing with his new bowling set from the Shaffners!

A couple weeks ago, Solon, Quincy and I headed up north to Sedona to get out of the heat and have a family adventure.

Quincy helping us unpack at the hotel

Knocked out

Checking out Oak Creek Canyon

Beautiful Oak Creek

Can you see me?

At dinner

At the Crescent Moon Picnic site, waiting for his first driving lesson (just kidding)

On our way to the base of Cathedral Rock (I don't know how QB slept through this)

I wish I recorded the sound of this creek, it was so relaxing

Look carefully - can you see the rock towers that people have put together?

Getting my feet wet

The views from the water hole were gorgeous!

This will be fun when QB is older

About to test the water

The family self-pic

Quincy was beat from the day's adventure

Hanging in the hotel room

Check out the rainbow at the pond outside our hotel room

What an angel!

When we got home, Quincy decided to start pulling himself up to a standing position on his toybox!

This past Sunday, my godson Joshua turned 8! Quincy and I spent the day with him and his family, celebrating his birthday.

Quincy with my godson Cody (who will be 11 this year) - he just got braces!

Josh's sweet birthday cake!

So handsome!

Josh's wish came true - a Tony Hawk skateboard!

This is how I find Quincy in the mornings when he wakes up

VIDEO: See for yourself!

So since the last posting, Quincy has definitely been exercising his vocal chords more than ever. He babbles all the time - last week was saying "Dadadada" and "Gagagaga" and this week it's "Mamamama" and "Nananana". He loves Peek-a-boo, and will crawl around the house trying to find me when I hide. He laughs out loud, this hearty laugh - he definitely thinks he is funny. He is crawling on his knees although he still likes the army crawl, and he loves to climb things. This kid has no fear! He is pulling himself up on everything now - the stairs, the coffee table, the vaccuum, me - and after a couple of spills, he is learning to guide himself down. It is truly amazing to see his little mind at work! It's almost as if there is something new everyday that he is doing. I can't wait to see what's next...


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