Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bring on the cake!

December will always be an exciting month for our family. It is filled with lots of birthdays, lots of family, and Christmas (lights, food, baked goods, music, etc) - what more could you ask for?

We started the month of celebrating 2 birthdays on the same day. Natan (my brother) and his wife, my beautiful sister-in-law Larel, were both born on the 7th of December, so we enjoyed a Sunday dinner at my parent's house and celebrated the day they were born.

Three days later, Quincy officially became a "toddler." It's hard to believe that we have a one-year-old! His actual birthday was a little low-key, because he had TWO birthday parties scheduled for that following weekend.

Friday night, my dear friend Nova and her boyfriend Danny came over for dinner while they were in town visiting from NYC. Nova has been like a big sister to me since high school, and there just never seems to be enough time when we are together. We could have hung out all night, but she had so many people to visit in such a short amount of time, and Quincy wakes us up at 6am anyway. =)

On Saturday we celebrated with some friends...

(Sorry Eric & Kaream - I can't believe I didn't get a picture of you guys!)

On Sunday we celebrated with some family...

It was an AWESOME weekend. We are so grateful for all the people in our life. Thank you for loving our little boy so much.

Our "toddler"

In other news, last Thursday, Forrest hurt his leg while he & Solon were out on a walk. He had been limping on and off since October, but every time we took him to the vet, they could never figure out what was wrong. And it always healed after a couple days. Well, this time, he was fully limping, and it didn't get better over the weekend. So we took him in on Monday, and after more x-rays, and sedation, they found out he had torn his ACL. Well, with dogs it has a different name, but I will just refer to it as that. He had surgery yesterday morning, so they could repair it, and he had to stay overnight with the vet. We were able to pick him up today, and have been trying to make him as comfortable as possible. Hopefully he will be back to good real soon.

Here's a picture of him with his incision

We are looking forward to a visit from Alynsia, Lisa & Tony, and celebrating Christmas will all of our local family.

Happy Holidays!

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