Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Phoenix Suns are on FIRE!!!

May has been wonderful so far.

It started out with the installation of the new members of my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. Our chapter at ASU closed in 2005, and just reinstated their Charter on May 2. Here is a picture of the Charter being presented to the newly initiated Chapter members.

We had a wonderful luncheon at the Fiesta Inn Resort in Tempe (which I had the honor of being asked to plan), and I was asked to give a toast to our Fraternity. Alumnae, Advisors, International headquarters and family members of the new initiates were there to meet these fabulous new members, and we got a glimpse as to just how much of a positive impact they will have on ASU's campus. It was so great to be a part of that.
Here is my Pearl Sister Erin.

And here Liz, Heather & I are with Jackie Brannon Stutts, the PRESIDENT of our whole Fraternity (aka the big squirrel). I had the honor and privelege of getting to sit next to her at the luncheon - she is such an fabulous woman!

Quincy's new thing is pulling his big toys up the stairs or onto the furniture

And loves to make masterpieces with food, instead of eating it

He also loves to climb up onto the couch and read his books

Splashpark at Kierland Commons

For Kellan's 3rd Birthday, he had a party at Imagination Avenue where kids can explore and play with all sorts of toys. Quincy loved it!

Saturday was a full day - after Kellan's party, and Quincy's nap, Eve came over for a playdate. It had been a while since Quincy and Eve had 1-on-1 time together. They got along great and had so much fun together.

For those of you who don't know... Eve is Quincy's betrothed.
Here she is with her future father-in-law

Eve & Danielle

We were all sitting outside, when Quincy headed in the house, and Eve followed him. They closed the door behind them and started banging on the window, making music! They are so cute together!

Mother's Day was a nice relaxing day. It started off with Solon making me breakfast, and then I took Larel with me to the Arizona School of Massage Therapy Clinic for their 2-for-1 Massage weekend. I hadn't had a massage in over 2 years, and it was fantastic. Just what I needed. When I came home, I enjoyed a 2-hour nap while Quincy slept, and then we went to Natan & Larel's house to celebrate Kellan's birthday with the family, and celebrate Mother's Day as well.

Then, to top off a fabulous weekend, the Phoenix SUNS swept the SPURS, and are headed to the Western Conference Finals. I am so glad I don't have to watch the Spurs anymore this season. GO SUNS!!!


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The Skeehan Family said...

QB is SO BIG!!! We need a playdate soooooooon. And ps, Imagination Avenue is so great :)

hope things are going well