Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is it October yet?

Since summer started, the Bell family has been doing things to try to stay cool & beat this ridiculous heat. Seriously, it feels like Arizona is about to burst into flames!

There's this guy at our gym who always wears a bandana, so we thought we would copy him to see if it kept us cool.

Turns out it was just cute to look at.

Quincy and I visited the Arizona Science Center two weeks in a row - first with my dad & then with Christina (who took the day of of work to spend some time with us, and her son Tyler) - Quincy had a blast! I thought it was hilarious that out of everything there, he liked playing with the PVC pipes the best. Time to go to Home Depot!

We got a free pass to visit the Children's Museum of Phoenix, so we took Papa Tom with us again to check it out. The last time we were there was before Quincy could even walk.

My godson Cody with Quincy

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle, visiting Grandma Lisa & Tony, and "NutNut" (Aunt Alynsia). Quincy loved spending some quality time with them! We did a lot of lounging, eating, and some playing too. We visited the Experience Music Project, where you can learn how to play many musical instruments, learn about musical legends, and even make a music video! It was really cool. Here is the guitar sculpture that was like 100 feet tall.

And here is Quincy enjoying part of the "Jimi Hendrix: An Evolution of Sound" Exhibit.

Lunch at the Pier

Swinging in Sasa's backyard

Quincy looking like a rag-a-muffin...

and an old man!

Playtime with Olivia

Little man sleeping in our room while we had work done on the AC

So precious!

Quincy's newest obsession is the yard blower. He loves helping Daddy with early morning yardwork!

Tonight we celebrated my godfather Chuck's 64th birthday (a couple weeks late) - he was out of town on his actual b-day, and we missed him! Mom made Chalupas, with rice & beans, and it was delicious!

Quincy and Kellan are going to be best friends!

Lots of excitement is in store for our family. We just completed a home improvement project that required approval from our HOA to expand our perimeter wall a little in order to accomodate a new AC unit. Our existing units are 13-years-old, and the downstairs unit has needed fixing every summer since we moved in. It was time to get a new one, and the HOA approved it quickly, so that happened this weekend. Just in time for the heat advisory! The new unit is so much more energy efficient, and it is freezing in here now! It has made such a difference already.

Also, I have been working on 2 projects, and will have some very exciting details about those in a couple weeks! Photos, logo, and website coming soon! Can't wait to share it with you.


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