Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our little "dove" is here!!!

First off, let me apologize for taking 3 weeks to post this. It's not that I've been busy or anything (although that's part of it). The morning that our c-section was scheduled, I went to turn on the computer to check Yahoo! and see what the days headlines were so I could enter them right away in to the baby book, something I didn't do the morning Quincy was born. My computer that was 1 year and 2 weeks old, decided to not work that day. 2 weeks after the warranty was up, of course. So eventually we sent it in to Gateway, and eventually they sent it back (with all my files still there, THANK GOODNESS), and now I am finally getting around to posting this for our far-away family and friends to see.

WARNING: There are a lot of pictures. However, they are all enjoyable! So here goes...

We would like to introduce you to our daughter, PALOMA AVERY BELL
Born Monday, January 10, 2011 @ 11:40am via repeat c-section - 7 lbs. 7 oz. and we think 19" long (although the hospital measured her at 17 1/2").

We chose the name Paloma (Spanish for "dove") because it represented my latin heritage, it was unique, and it was feminine. I also loved that a dove is a symbol for peace, and everyone wishes for peace in the new year, and she was born at the beginning of the new year, so there you go. She shares the same middle name as her Daddy. We love it so much, and no other name would have fit her as well.

Here are the last 3 weeks summed up for you:

Marsielle & Ami

Great Grandma Mama Mimi

(This is my Dad holding Paloma. Not pictured but also present were my Mom and Quincy who was with them while I was in surgery.)

Uncle Natan, Aunt Larel & Cousin Kellan

Great-Aunt Billie

Uncle Mauri

The most wonderful doctor in the whole world - Solon & I love Dr. Mayer so much!



Great-Great-Grandma Alice "Gaga"

Great-Grandma Mimi & Papa Meredith

My cousins, LuzElena, Elizabeth & Diego



Five generations!

Great-Aunt Shelley

Cousin Alaina

With Grandma Lisa

Aunt Alynsia

Great-Aunt Georgina

Grandma Chacha

My godfather Chuck

The morning of my actual due date (January 16), the sunrise was pink - how fitting

Danielle & Eve

Charissa & Eric

The Perry Family


After all the visitors had left, and Solon took his mom and sis to the airport, this was my favorite part of the weekend. Sitting on the couch with my 2 babies. Forrest was also there but on the other side of the couch. Solon came home just in time to snap a picture.

Quincy finally warming up to his baby sister

Great-Great Aunt Eleanor (with Mama Mimi)

Check out this awesome shirt we got made for my Dad's birthday

My Daddy & his dove


Daddy & Quincy spending some computer time together

Big brothers protecting their new sister

Nova & Danny - all the way from NYC!


Marsielle's mom Sandy

Our friend MaryAnn took these awesome pictures when they came to visit

Here is a comparison that I put together of Paloma and Quincy

So many family & friends have to come to meet Paloma and celebrate her arrival with us. We tried to get pictures of everyone that met her (but missed a few), and I think by the end of her first week on earth she had met OVER 50 people!!! Some have even come back a couple times! We feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life! Thank you for sharing this wonderful arrival with us.


Brianna said...

She is so beautiful, Candida! Congratulations on your little dove.

MaryAnn Perry said...

Beautiful post! I love all of the pictures!!! We can't wait to visit again!!

Denise said...

Candida this was sooo beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes! I would love to get together with our kids and the rest of the AGD's (Charissa, Christina, etc...) It would be sooo nice to do so after so many years...

Jacque said...

she is so beautiful! and i love her name!

you are not kidding when you said you had a lot of visitors! wow!

hope you're doing well!