Monday, January 3, 2011

And just like that, Christmas is gone again...

This will be my last family post until baby girl's arrival next Monday. I wasn't that great at taking pictures of our holiday festivities, but there are still enough here to give you an idea of how 2010 ended, and how 2011 began for us.

A whirlwind to say the least, we didn't slow down after Quincy's birthday. The following weekend, we celebrated my oldest godson Cody's 12th birthday at Castles & Coasters. Quincy tried mini golf for the first time, and loved it. He also got to ride on the kiddie rides, and had a blast (even though I was terrified b/c he had to go by himself). To my surprise, he even ate PIZZA - something I have been trying to get him to eat for a whole year. It was a great day.

Then that night, I took my parents to Glendale Glitters to walk around and watch Alaina's dance performance.

On the 23rd, we were able to spend some time with Becky & Scott, and finally get to meet their little miracle Noah, who was already 8 weeks old! He is honestly one of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid eyes on. I was in love instantly!

What an amazing Christmas present for them to have this little angel in their lives! He smelled so good!!!

Christmas Eve festivitites were at our house, and thank goodness for pot luck-style dinners or else this wouldn't have been possible! All I had to do was cook the turkey (which turned out moist & perfect!), and have my house looking fabulous (which it did until everyone left) - so it turned out to be a great time.

Christmas night we spent with Solon's family in Surprise, and enjoyed a beautiful meal together.

We spent the evening saying what we were thankful for, and remembering our Uncle Patsy who passed away the day before in New York. He was such a great man, who was loved by everyone he met, and we will miss him terribly.
Here is a picture of the last time we saw Uncle Patsy before he moved to NY (Quincy was 4 months old).

The day after Christmas, we had brunch with Aunt Eleanor's family, and got to spend some time with our cousins! Here's the whole gang.

One final look at my pretty Christmas tree before it came down

On New Year's Eve morning, you could see snow on the mountains north of our house

Kellan came over to show Quincy how to drive his new car that he got for Christmas

We were able to meet up with our friend Vince who was visiting his parent's from Seattle

with his beautiful fiancée Anjie!

Solon met Anjie when we were in Seattle when Quincy was just 2 months old. Vince and Anjie had just been on their first date the night before and now they are headed down the aisle. We are so excited for them!

QT with Daddy & QB

Quincy loves computer time

And is even more obsessed with vaccums now than he has ever been before. Here he is with all four vaccums lined up at the base of the stairs.

I remember when I was a little girl, and it seemed like Christmas took FOREVER to get here. Now that I am older, with a family of my own, hosting festivities, etc - it is here and gone in a flash. I took down all my decorations a week early, so that the house is clean and ready for baby girl's arrival next week. We have a c-section scheduled for next Monday morning at 9:30am, unless she decides to come on her own before then. We are getting ready, and are so excited to finally meet her. I can't wait to introduce her to all of you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Bell Family!

P.S. Here was what our Christmas card looked like. We opted to not print/mail them out, since we will be sending out birth announcements towards the end of January. But here's what it looked like anyway - just know we were thinking of all of you!
From 2010

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