Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The "Terrific Twos"

I am going to start with the big news - Quincy Drake is officially TWO. Wow. How did my (not-so) tiny infant go from this

to this

to this in such a short time?

It is truly remarkable.

Some of Quincy's "things" at 2:

*He loves Basketball & shooting hoops with his mom & dad
*He loves calling cadences during football games (taught to him by Daddy)
*He loves reading books to us - Any BING book, Caps for Sale, The Hungry Caterpillar, and those "Where is Baby's (FILL IN THE BLANK) Books are among his favorite right now. Only if he's very tired do we get to read them to him, or if it's too new, otherwise, he's reading it to us from memory
*He loves the Backyardigans on Nick Jr - Austin is our favorite
*He STILL loves David Archuleta's Crush which now makes it officially one year where we have heard that song every day at least 10-20 times
* He loves Mommy's iPod touch where he can watch his Backyardigans and the David Archuleta music video to his hearts content, or until Mommy decides that's enough =)
*He loves singing his ABC's and the Itsy Bitsy Spider song
*He gets mad if we start singing the David Archuleta song while he plays it (I've tried to tell him that I have a good voice)
*He loves the park, and especially loves the slides
*He is still fascinated by airplanes, and helicopters, but now also loves rocks of all sizes, and pretty much discovering anything outdoors
*He says "Squeeze tight" when giving hugs, and makes an "mmm" sound when giving kisses
*He is loving to inatimate objects (vacuum, iPod, the lawn blower) - when it's time to put them away, he gives it high-fives, fist pounds, hugs and then kisses, most the time in that order
*He still is the most un-curious eater (although now he likes baby carrots because BING likes them) - this is something we have been working on for a year. I feel sorry that he is missing out on so many flavors, but upon offering him EVERYTHING we eat, he simply looks at it and says NO. The few types of fruits and grains that he does eat, is obviously enough, because the DR says he is perfectly healthy and is in the 75% for weight/95% for height in his age group. Milk certainly does a body good.
*We made a valiant effort to switch him to the toddler bed (b/c we thought he was ready) but after 2 weeks of him getting out of bed 2-3 times in the middle of the night, we are going to put the front of the crib back on until a couple months after his little sister is here. Mommy and Daddy will be lacking in the sleep department in less than 5 weeks, and we need all the rest we can get until then.

There are so many other things that are marvelous about this boy, but my pregnancy brain has run out of examples. Simply put, he just gets cooler and cooler everyday, and we truly could not imagine our lives without him.

We celebrated his birthday this weekend, Backyardigans style, in the backyard (hooray for 78 degree weather in December!), and unfortunately, Mommy had a bout of food poisoning when I woke up, so Sunday was pretty miserable for me. I forgot to take pictures of all the cute decorations (or had no energy to) and there is only one picture of me from the whole day, taken from far enough away where you can't clearly see how terrible my face looked from broken blood vessels from throwing up all day. Awesome.

The celebration was a huge success thanks to the help my awesome husband Solon, and his mom and sister who were in town for the weekend. I could not have done it without them - that's for sure. Here are some pics of the kids (small first, ladies next, then the big boys) taking a swing at the Pablo pinata.

POOR Pablo!


So now to backtrack a little, here are some highlights from the end of November through beginning of December:

Thanksgiving was great - we celebrated at my brother's house and had a wonderful time with our huge group. Larel & I made a great team in the kitchen, and it was so nice to have it pot luck style with everyone bringing something. Less work for the host! Now that our family is so big and still growing, this will be the set-up for major holidays from now on. Works for me!

Our hosts

Quincy on his cousin's slide

And in his cousin's car

Our family shot

Quincy & Kellan

The birthday twins! Alaina & Alex turned 11 on Turkey day

Solon's cousin Marnetta came in town for a quick visit, and we were able to see her twice in one weekend which was great

Quincy and I helped Maia celebrate her 3rd birthday (a few weeks early since she's a Christmas Eve baby) and she loved her bounce house

And Quincy loved this Capri Sun!

Birthday Girl!

We celebrated Hanukkah with Alison's family after a 2-year hiatus (in 2008 it fell on Christmas, and in 2009 it fell on Quincy's birthday), so this was Quincy's first Hanukkah celebration

We paid a visit to the Reese house so Quincy could play with Tyler, and Mommy could see baby Morgan and get some advice from Christina about life with a toddler and a new baby

It's been a fulfilling end of the year so far, and will continue to be. With Thanksgiving and Quincy's birthday behind us, we have Christmas and my godson Cody's birthday to look forward to, Iowa Hawkeyes at the Insight Bowl, as well as a quiet New Year's and preparation for the arrival of baby girl. We have a c-section scheduled for Monday, January 10 @ 9:30am, so if she decides to come on her own before then, great, if not (and most likely not) she'll be here on the 10th. We can't wait to meet her - it will be here before we know it.


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