Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emotions and green stuff

I have been super emotional lately. I am emulating my mom's side of the family in full force, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because my mind is a little clearer these days, maybe it's the toxins leaving my body (more about that later), maybe it's because the summer has begun, maybe it's because I have been taking more time lately to just sit, in silence, and really reflect on my life and the things in it. The emotions are good. They are a reflection of the growth that has occured in our life.

This past Friday was Quincy's last day of his first year of preschool at Shadow Rock.

I have written before about how AMAZING this little school is, but let me say it again. Shadow Rock Preschool is amazing. I chose this school because it reminded me of my kindergarten classroom at Phoenix Country Day School, the first time I toured it. I even saw a roll of fabric in one of their closets (the door was opened slightly) that was the same fabric that was used on the pillow I used for naptime in kindergarten. It was bright blue with rainbows on it. The director joked that they probably had that fabric since 1985. But there was something about it that just felt right. So we signed him up, and the open house was great, and then the 1st week and half were disastrous, because of Quincy's daily freak-outs, and my feeling like a failure as a mom who didn't prepare her kid for preschool the right way. But somehow, between mid-September, and today, this magical place has turned my boy into one remarkable child. I am blown away by the things he knows. I felt like Solon and I were doing a pretty good job of teaching him things, but it's like his knowledge has been amplified. He has friends who love him, and are excited when he gets there in the morning, and he is so happy when he's there.

What the heck am I going to do with 8 weeks of summer??? I will have to find ways to keep him learning and entertained, and hopefully we can rendezvous with some of his SRPS homies so we stays excited until the fall gets here.

Our friends Mimi & Dan announced they were moving to Denver this last month. This made me very sad. Although our families' lives are both very busy, when we are able to spend time together, we have a wonderful time. It always seems to be so short. I know it's not forever, but I will miss having her nearby.

Quincy as Batman at Garrett's 4th birthday party. Charissa's mom made capes for all the kids, and they were fabulous!

His only super power was consuming an entire bowl of Cheetos in mere seconds

The next day we celebrated our nephew Kellan's 5th birthday at the Play Factory -the kids had a blast

We got to spend some quality time with Violet & Lily-Kate

Solon almost made it to the top of the rock wall on his first try!

Kellan was surrounded by so many friends!

Clearly, the cake was delicious


Being silly

Hanging (literally) with Daddy

Riding Thomas the Tank Engine


WALKING (finally)

The kids playing together

Quincy reading a book to our friend Joan

For weeks now, I have been trying to figure out how to shed these last 10 pounds of (pre-Quincy) baby weight, and the 5 pounds I gained since my wedding day, you know the we-are-fat-and-happy pounds that we put on while watching TV with our spouse on the couch (with late-night snacks)? I have been working out 2-3 times a week, and for a while wasn't so motivated to work out, and then one day while doing my daily check of What's-Going-On-In-The-World-Of-Facebook, I saw a picture of my friend Greg, who simply looked amazing. I worked with Greg at the Zone 12 years ago. He was one of the morning show co-hosts, and I started as the girl who got them their Starbucks. Over the next 10 months, we all were together from 5am-10am, where we consumed lots of free food (most of which was not great for us). He and I both shared a love of food, and it's safe to say that we both have a problem filtering what we eat, as far as knowing when to stop. Anyway, we emailed back and forth for a while, and he shared the title of a documentary he had watched called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". It truly changed the way he looked at what he was putting into his body. I learned a lot from watching it, but what really surprised me was how much food knowledge I had, but wasn't using in my everyday life. I was so inspired by the film, that Solon and I went out that night to Costco and bought a juicer. I have made a commitment to myself to get healthy, so I can have more energy, and be a better mom & wife. Frankly, it's my responsibility as a mom and wife to be as healthy as I can, while still satisfying my love for food. So, with my newfound knowledge (and the stuff I already knew, but just wasn't using), I have decided to have fresh (not bottled/processed) green (60% or more veggie/40% or less fruit) juice twice a day instead of meals, and one healthy portion-controlled meal, and one healthy snack, along with plenty of water. I will do this until I am down the 10-15 lbs, and then once I hit that goal, I will reapproach the way I look at food. I will not just put any old crap in my body. I will continue to juice, but I will not just eat for the sake of eating. I will enjoy flavors and colors, and avoid drive-thru windows. I have great energy and mental clarity, my skin feels amazing, and I have lost 4 lbs - all in one week. I am excited about my progress, and look forward to seeing the results on the scale, and my waistline.

Next stop: Southern California for a Disneyland Adventure!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took so much away from that documentary. As much as I love documentaries, especially ones about veganism, clean eating, eating raw, anti-establishment, it's important to take them with a grain of salt. Many are one sided and "preachy" :)

You looked absolutely amazing at the wedding, as per usual. Keep up the great work!!