Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

I have always loved Disneyland.

It is truly a magical place. Yes, it is also the poster-child for mass consumerism at it's best (which is fascinating if you really think about it), but that's not the point.

The point is, Disneyland is a place where some of my fondest memories from my childhood come to life, and now, I can share those with my kids, too.

We packed up the cars and headed to Anaheim with my brother Natan and his family. We took roadtrips as kids with our parents through Arizona, but never got to experience Disneyland with our parents. So Natan & I really wanted to create this memory for our kids. I am so glad we did.

Chillin' at the hotel

Early bedtime so we were ready for a full day of fun!

Natan & Larel (and baby bump) at the entrance gate!

The Queen of Hearts & the Mad Hatter from my favorite Disney movie - Alice in Wonderland

Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

Standing in line for our first ride - Peter Pan (this is the closest thing to a "family shot" we got!)

Quincy loved the Carousel

On Dumbo the Flying Elephant


While the Dads were riding Space Mountain, Larel & I took the kids on the train that goes all around the back of the park - it was awesome!

Chillin' in Toon Town

Minnie Mouse was so beautiful in person!!!

A picture of Natan & Solon's Space Mountain picture

After a nice long nap at the hotel, we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner, and the kids got these amazing balloon animals!
Quincy's fish & fishing pole

Kellan's T-Rex

Paloma's Little Mermaid

We made it back into the park just in time for the Musical Parade to start

The parade was a higlight of our day! It was fabulous. I totally wanted to be one of those dancers!

The next day, we drove to Laguna Beach to enjoy the sunshine & the ocean
Paloma did NOT love the sand, or the cold water, but mainly the sand - at all

Natan & Kellan building sand castles

Quincy found a new way to put "Gordon on a ditch"

Paloma liked the blanket better...

But really preferred the chair (away from the sand altogether)

Quincy & Solon in the water

Quincy enjoying his BBQ soy chips

Kellan entertaining Paloma


Back at the hotel playing, while everyone else was napping

Daddy & Paloma in the loft of our hotel room

Getting ready to head home

It was a wonderful, magical, exhausting trip - can't wait to do it again when the kids are a little bigger!

Since we got back from California, Paloma has really been cruising! She loves to walk so much now.

With Morgan & Mason

My dear friend Jaime had her second baby at the end of April, and although I already met her in the hospital, I took the kids to go meet her at their home.
Welcome to the world Avy Claire!

Big sister Maia with baby Avy

Quincy and Maia! They have so much fun together

Paloma meets her new friend "BABY!"

Natan & Larel celebrated their 8th Anniversary this month

And we've just been trying to beat this nasty Arizona heat

Next stop: IOWA!!!

P.S. Update since my last blog post - I am still incorporating fresh-pressed juice into my daily routine, and after 5 weeks, I'm down 9.6 lbs! I feel great, and have been truly surprised by how my tastebuds have changed. The crap (for lack of a better term) that I used to CRAVE, now honestly, just tastes processed and not great at all. I have been getting great recipes off some fabulous blogs: The Diva Dish & 100 Days of Real Food and Solon & the kids are eating and enjoying them. More progress reports to come!

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