Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baseball, Easter Eggs, and lots of parties!

Spring meant "crazy-busy-season" for those of us who like to plan events, and for those of us who love to attend them. At the end of February, Quincy's preschool had it's big annual silent auction fundraiser. This year's theme was "Take Me Out To The Ballgame," and yours truly was the chair of the decor committee

Dessert Table

Silent Auction Decor

Quincy's class - Shining Stars

Eve's 4th Birthday - Princess Party

Violet's 4th Birthday Party (Cinderella Theme)

Easter 2013

We started the day at church and visited Papa Ray at the National Cemetery

Then we headed to my parent's for some Easter fun

Sibling Love

Makena's Birthday Party

Paloma loved hanging with her "Aunt" Nova!

Next post will include pics from the wedding I did on June 1st!

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