Monday, August 5, 2013

The Sweetness of Summer - Part One

I have to say that this has been a really fun couple of months in the Bell family. I will also say that to me, Summer in AZ starts in April (because it's already hot), so that where this blog post starts off.

Quincy and Paloma are both at super-fun ages right now, and almost every day has brought moments of joy created by the 2 of them, both individually and as a sibling duo.

It's safe to say that Makena has quickly become P & Q's best friend.
They both love playing with her, and always have a blast together. Makena's cowgirl birthday party was a blast with a petting zoo, pony ride and lots of yummy food.

My dear friend Nova came to visit us on her way to Cali, and we had a wonderful time together reminiscing and catching up!

We celebrated Kellan's 6th birthday, and my gift to him was a Lego-inspired dessert table to match the theme of his party. The look on my nephew's face when he saw it, was priceless.

The first weekend in June, I go to join Solon in San Francisco (my favorite city) while he was halfway through training for his new job. The kids stayed with Grandma & Papa and did a weekend of this:
While we did a weekend of this:
Liz & Sean met us at St. Francis Vineyard!
Solon's awesome training class; super-fun group!!
It was a fabulous weekend filled with delicious food & amazing wine, and oh so much fun, but I couldn't wait to get back to my kiddos!

I was finally able to head down to Tucson for the day to see Becky and her family again since Makenzie's birth back in January. Charissa and I went to have some girl time with Becky, play with Noah, and snuggle with sweet Kenz.

At the end of June we took a trip up north near Strawberry, AZ to go camping with 3 other families! There were 8 parents, 8 kiddos (ages 1.5-5), one grandpa, and one dog - and we had a fantastic time! We figured the kids were at a good age to finally go (and use all the camping equipment that hasn't been used in 5 years), and it was a weekend full of memories. I certainly hope this becomes an annual summer adventure with some of our best friends!

Paloma and Mason were partners in crime!
Quincy found a way to include his trains in the fun - and Gordon was able to "take a dip" in the dirt
The kids had so much fun playing and exploring together!
Loved this time together!
And of course our daughter was down to her "big girl pants" by the end of the trip.
Show me your scariest face!
They were exhausted by the end!

Independence Day was another fun-filled day for the kids that started in my old neighborhood at Grandma Chacha & Papa Tom's house. We participated in the annual parade, led by my brother.
At night, we went to Indian Steele Park to watch the fireworks with thousands of others, and it was such a fun adventure for all of us.

Papa Allen came for a visit from Iowa, and the kids absolutely loved spending some quality time with him.

To end this post on a bittersweet note was not my original intention, but it all just flowed this way. Last week, our dear friends Jack & Danielle, and their children Eve & newborn Owen, moved to London! I have known Jack since 7th grade, and I am so grateful for his friendship, and the friendship his wife and I have shared over the last 6+ years. We have had the opportunity to raise our kids together, and have so many fun memories that have included them. We are so excited for their new adventure, and thanks to technology I know we will be able to stay in touch until we see each other again. But we will miss them for sure.
Good luck in London guys! Let us know when you are settled and ready for visitors!!!!

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Elizabeth Anne said...

LOVE that blue shirt!!! Those two kiddos are SO SWEET!!!!!! Miss you!