Saturday, May 9, 2015

Livin' Life

Seven months...

That's how long it took me to write this.

The truth is, I re-read my post from October in January, and started to create this post. But then I stopped for some reason (got side-tracked probably), and the next thing I know we are 2 days away from Mother's Day. It's like sometimes I have too much to say but not enough time to say it, and then part of me thinks, "is this an online documentary for my children to look at 10 years from now, or is it a place for me to vent and release?" But then I remind myself that I share this with everyone, and I decide to reel it in a bit, as not to bore whoever reads this. (laughing)

Reading that October post and re-living those words took me on an emotional roller coaster, but the good news is, Paloma's December CT Scan came back crystal clear, and a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders. She has already had one follow-up ultrasound (which came through CLEAR) with another at the end of May, and after that we should have 2-3 more over the next year and a half, and hopefully we will be DONE. I am grateful every day for the continued prayers for our daughter's health until this is all behind us.

Many of our "everyday" moments are on my Instagram (@candidabell)account, but here is a slideshow of the highlights that bring us to current, featuring Halloween, Sasa & Tony's visit for Thanksgiving, Christmas (with Alynsia!), the baptism of our god-daughter Gracyn, our trip to Disneyland, Papa Allen & Danita's visit, and a little New Orleans:

The kids are at a really cool age right now. Paloma is the most vibrant little creature on our planet. She is colorful and dynamic and fierce and independent and way wiser than her actual age. She questions things like life and death and says things like, "It's just so beautiful mommy; everything in life is just so beautiful..." - what 4-year-old says these things? But she does. She loves everybody and everything - she wanted Spring Break to end after 2 days because she missed her preschool friends so much. That's the kind of girl she is.

And Quincy is so smart and is just growing so fast it makes me catch my breath every day. He is taking piano lessons now, loves homework, loves pleasing his teacher, and his art skills have advanced purely on his own. If you compare dinosaur pictures from a year ago to where they are now (and then throw in his handwriting skills), it's just blows my mind on a daily basis.

Solon and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on March 19. I said to him that morning, "Ten years seems like a lifetime, and when I look back at our pictures and I think of all the things that we've done, it feels like we've done so much in such a short time. Yet our life together is really just beginning and that's pretty incredible to think about." We were able to celebrate our anniversary alone in New Orleans (thank you Sasa for taking care of the kids), a dream that we've always had (back when we could be a little more spontaneous). We were able to stuff our face with beignets and delicious Creole cooking, while we learned some history. We were able to reconnect and reflect on the last 10 years while we pondered what the future holds.

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