Thursday, May 14, 2015

Off to a city by the Bay

For the last month or so, Solon has been commuting back to his company headquarters in South San Francisco.

Sunday evening, we drop him off at Sky Harbor's Terminal 4, go about our business for the week, and are back at Terminal 4 the following Friday night. It's been hard having him gone during the week - I am exhausted by Thursday, and basically need an IV drip of coffee to get me to the Friday finish line, but I can't remember a time when I have seen my husband so excited about this work. Ever since getting hired by Genentech 2 years ago, he has loved it - it's a FABULOUS company that really takes care of their employees. He feels blessed to be surrounded by such smart and innovative people. Well now those smart and innovative people want Solon to be at HQ full-time, and they have offered him a marketing position that will relocate our family to the Bay Area.


This is exciting, wonderful, and terrifying all at the same time for me, a girl who has been in AZ her WHOLE life. A girl who always dreamt about going away to college, but was too chicken to fill out the applications... Now it's my time for an adventure, and I get to experience it with Solon and the kids by my side.

This summer will be filled with research trips out to the Bay Area, to determine where we want to live, where the kids will go to school, to fill in as many of the blanks I can to make us feel at home as quickly as possible. But a lot of what makes it an adventure is filling in those blanks as we go, for as long as we are there.

It will be wonderful for me to experience the Bay Area as more than just a tourist. Each time I have gone to San Francisco, I have only been there 3-4 days at a time. I can't wait for us to discover more gems within the area that will make our adventure even better.

And just in case you have never been, and you need an excuse to come visit us in the Bay Area, let me share with you some of the best parts of San Fran and it's surrounding areas.

*Clam Chowder in a sourdough breadbowl!!

*Wine country (Sonoma, Napa) is 40 minutes north (you go over the Golden Gate Bridge to get there)

*Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory


*China Town (featuring our favorite - The House of Nan King)

*Fisherman's Wharf & Cable Cars

*Alcatraz Island

*AMAZING Italian food & seafood

*the famous City Lights Bookstore (that will get my dad to visit)

*and coffee shops on almost every corner!

I am so proud of my husband, and am so grateful that Genentech is seeing him as such an asset to their company.

To all of our awesome Shadow Rock Preschool/Lookout Mountain/Moon Valley family - thank you for loving our kids so much, and for being a wonderful community to be a part of. We will miss you so much and I will be reaching out for mass play-dates when we visit during school breaks!

To our Coolwater Christian Church family - we will look forward to coming to visit you all when we are in town - we will definitely miss your fellowship every week. Thank you for caring for our family, and for your continuous prayers for this opportunity.

To our FAMILY and FRIENDS - our calendar is ready for your travel dates! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and thank you for your support of our journey. Download the GLIDE app for your smartphones, and COME VISIT US!!


Rikki Willis said...

Have fun! Cressi and family are moving to DC next month! :-(

alcnharris said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Have a blast learning your new city!