Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wrapping up May

In just a few days Quincy will be 6 months old. I am pretty sure I have said it before but the months have literally flown by in days, and every day he is developing so much more before our eyes.

Quincy rolls around all over the place, and has figured out how to roll-scoot. It's his way of getting around while on the floor. The second he is awake, and has eaten, he is moving - he doesn't want to sit still! He will be crawling in no time! We have been feeding him solid foods for a little over a month now and he loves rice cereal, sweet potatoes and butternut squash (as long as it's mixed in with bananas), and he kind of likes peas, and definitely did not like carrots in the beginning, but has since changed his mind. I have been making almost all of his baby food from scratch except for the veggies that have nitrates in them, and it has been so easy and fun. He helps me all the time in the kitchen! He laughs at our funny faces, and makes some of his own, he follows his shadow, and loves when 5pm comes around, because he knows it's time to play with Daddy!

Quincy loves bathtime!

Quincy hanging with his friends Tyler and Garrett

A video of Quincy with Tyler and Garrett

Marsielle and Quincy at Sunday Night Dinner - they are making the same facial expression!

Celebrating my Godfather Chuck's 63rd Birthday!

Quincy meeting his Great-Tia Yolanda for the first time!!!

Tia Yoli singing to Quincy in Spanish - he loved it!

One of Quincy's many tricks - sticking his whole foot into his mouth

Our little man is teething really bad right now. The last few days have been pretty hard for him around bed time. When he gets real tired, he starts working his gums with his fists. It's hard to see him so uncomfortable, but he makes these really cute sounds when he rubs his gums.

My friend Allison came over for dinner and to play with QB while he was awake. She told me later that she is completely in love with him. So are we!

Just showed up at Great Grandma Mama Mimi's house for lunch

Hanging with Aunt Alynsia

This is what he does to me all day long - open mouth kisses! He loves giving them!

Playtime with big brother Forrest

In his little cowboy outfit from Holly and her mom Jill = so cute!

With Tia Yoli the night before she left to go back to Cancun =(

Quincy with his Mama Chacha, Tia Yoli, and Tia Georgina

We had so much fun spending time with Tia Yolanda. We love when she comes to see us from Cancun, and she makes the best margaritas on the planet - and now we have her recipe! Our time with her is never enough - so we just need to plan a family trip to Cancun to see her and so many more members of our family!


Dan, Mimi and Claire said...

Okay, he is getting SOOOOOOO big!! I am floored. And am laughing because in the first pic, I'm like, 'He's SO Solon!' but then a little farther down I'm like, 'He's SO Dida!' Definitely a great mix. And do my eyes decieve me or does his little cowboy outfit match the blanket he's laying on?? Seriously.

Miss you. Really would like to play next week if you can!

Charissa @ The Stromski's World said...

I am so glad you had such a great visit with your Aunt, Quincy seems to love her already! I love that cowboy outfit matching the blanket, Adorable! I can't wait for Quincy to sit up and start crawling so he and Garrett can play :) . It's so fun to be in the same stage of our lives together!