Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ugh, it's so hot.

So we were having really beautiful weather for a while - I couldn't believe it was actually June. But sure enough a few days ago, it started reaching the 100's consistently, and it just feels so much nicer indoors during the day. So Quincy and I have been finding ways to keep cool.

Kellan & Quincy playtime

Early morning walk with Forrest (very early)

Kristine brought her daughter Olivia over for a playdate, and Quincy slept through 95% of it. He woke up about 30 minutes before Olivia's nap started. Here they are hanging in the crib together.

And in the kiddie pool

And here's a video!

After they left, Quincy and I went out back for more pool fun

Now that QB can sit on his own, it is only a matter of time before he starts crawling. Here he hanging out at his Great-grandparents house in Surprise, and observing the toy that Papa Allen gave him

Quincy loves playing with hair now. Long hair, short hair - it doesn't really matter. My mom was out of town for work last week, so I took Quincy over to play with his Papa Tom. He immediately started grabbing for my dad's hair. Doesn't he look like he just got caught?

On Friday we drove to Casa Grande to meet up with Becky who lives in Tucson. We figured Casa Grande is halfway for both of us, so it worked out great. We met up at the new shopping plaza there and visited for a short while. In this pic, QB is modeling the little organic "Sweet Pea" onesie that Becky got him when she first found out we were pregnant (which was over a year ago) and that day was the last day he was able to fit in it. He is getting so big so fast!

On Saturday, Solon was gone all day helping Marsielle install ceiling fans in his new house, so I put Quincy in this cute outfit that my mom got him, that Solon doesn't want him wearing because he says he looks like a girl. But I took a ton of pictures anyway, because really, he looks precious.

When Quincy was first born, and we were still in the hospital, everytime I would look down at him I would say that he looked like Christian Slater, because of his pointy eyebrows. As he has gotten older, and he is starting to be more expressive with his face, I can't help but see the resemblance of another actor. I finally figured out who it was:

Yesterday, I enlisted Quincy's help with the laundry - hey, I had to start doing everyone's laundry when I was about 10 years old, so it's never too young to expose them to it. =) He really enjoyed playing in the basket - he had so much fun!

And then we flipped it over when we were done, and turned it into a fort, well kind of.

The other day we started playing the game "What does the (insert animal here) say?" I read in a magazine that at this age, it's supposed to encourage babies to talk more. Well, it worked! I started making animal sounds to Quincy, and he started going crazy! It was pretty funny, when I said, What does a dog say? - Wuff Wuff," Forrest started barking - almost as if he was on cue! It was hilarious. Now Quincy even has his favorites sounds. Here's a video for your enjoyment.


SassyBaker said...

Candida -

I miss you. Your little Quincy is simply adorable. We need to catch up and I'm glad to see your family is happy and healthy.

Miss you friend,


Momma Cannon said...

Quincy is about the most beautiful little boy (besides mine of course :)) that i have seen! i really love the outfit that Solon thinks is very girly. I have one for Brandon but who cares they are only little once and it really brings out there innocense.

frogin72 said...

He is too adorable, hope all is well take care. Patty