Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quincy's First Tooth!

I am starting the blog off today with this adorable picture.

I met up with my friend Chrysty today, and her 2 beautiful girls (Katherine & Elizabeth) at the Outlets at Anthem, where they have a little splash park. The girls ran around the splash park while Chrysty and I visited for a while, and she met Quincy for the first time. Occasionally, I would take him through the fountains as the water shot up, just to cool him off, and he loved it! Chrysty asked me if QB had any teeth yet, and I said as of the other day he didn't. She thought she had noticed something white in his mouth when he smiled, and sure enough THERE WAS HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!

Coincidentally, the outfit that I had brought along to change him into once we were done playing in the water said, "Yay, my first tooth!" I picked it out at random this morning, and it just happened to fit the moment perfectly!

On July 10, Quincy turned 7 months old. A few days before that he started CRAWLING!!! He is a mad man, cruising all over the house - it is so cute to see him on the move. Last week while cleaning the house, I realized that Quincy has something else in common with his cousin Kellan - he loves the vaccuum!

This past week, I got to spend some time with Alison and her mom Judy. We enjoyed some Chompies bagels while we visited and had a great time catching up.

My parents returned this week from their anniversary trip to Pittsburgh, where they were visiting with my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Bill, and cousin Kerry.

They brought Quincy back a maraca from one of the places they visited, and Quincy loves it!
Here are some videos of him making some music:

And this past weekend, Solon's mom Lisa came in town, and I have to apologize to her right now, because the only picture I have of her from this entire weekend, is one of her holding Quincy at church. I don't know why we didn't take more pictures - we must have been busy having too much fun!

Quincy's wearing the cute outfit his Grandma got him that says, "I'm the Big Kahuna"

Our nephew Kellan was completely enamored by Solon's little cousin Alaina. He didn't leave her side all Saturday night!

Quincy with Alaina on Sunday night

We enjoyed Lisa's stay here, and spent time with family, and ate a lot of good food! The weekend flew by, but Quincy had so much fun with his Grandma!

Here are a couple quick videos of Quincy playing in the new toy that Mama Lisa got him:

And finally some pictures from the end of June, and the beginning of July:

Quincy and Mommy being silly

My godson Cody & Quincy

Cody & QB with my other godson, Joshua

Quincy & Garrett in our play pool

I thought their expressions in this picture were hilarious!

My handsome husband before work

Mommy & QB on our way to have lunch in Sun City with Aunt Eleanor

Quincy and his Great-Great-Aunt Eleanor

Quincy hanging with my friend Allison's mom, Nan

Out to dinner 4th of July weekend with Great Grandparents, Mimi & Meredith

Javelina sighting at the Boulders Resort in Carefree on our way home from a 4th of July BBQ! There were about 8 in total - including a mama Javelina who was nursing her baby on the golf course!

Only in Arizona!

Sunday Brunch with Great Grandma, Mama Mimi after church

And to end the post, here's a fun video of Quincy keeping me company last week while I was folding some laundry.


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Momma Cannon said...

I want to steal Quincy and snuggle with the handsome guy! Yeah for his first tooth. I would love for Brandon to break his in he has been teething since 9 weeks Eek!