Monday, February 9, 2009

Family time, and a small discovery

Last week it was 83 degrees and I decided to head over to my parent's house for some playtime with Quincy. We spent a while out in the backyard, and QB loved it! He does this new thing when he gets excited where it looks like he treading water while on his back, and either blows bubbles or coos. It's so cute. So we took advantage of his super cute & fun mood and I snapped some pics, including one of the 3 generations (mom's side).

On Wednesday, Quincy and I had a playdate with Kellan and Larel. We met up at Desert Ridge Marketplace where they have a fountain area that kids love to run through in the summer when it's hot, and Kellan loved it even though it was cold out. He also thoroughly enjoyed the playground that they have there as well, and ran through it like he owned the joint. We had a great time.

Last night we had dinner at my godmother's house and I was able to get this picture of the four generations on my dad's side.

So the small discovery that I made happened while tending to one of Quincy's diaper "blowouts". I am washing my hands so much these days that they get so dry, and no lotion I use seems to quench them long enough without leaving my hands feeling all sticky. So after cleaning up my son, I slathered some Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula BOTTOM BUTTER onto his cute little butt, and my hands instantly felt great. So soft, and not sticky, and the light cocoa butter fragrance is so yummy smelling. So if you are looking for a great hand cream, and don't feel like spending $20 on a good one, then by all means get some Bottom Butter. They sell the tiny "purse-size" tubes at Babies R Us for $1.00, but I am sure you can also find the bigger tube at your nearest drugstore for less than $5.

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Dan, Mimi and Claire said...

Those pictures are absolutely DARLING... and you look awesome momma. And seriously, he is getting so big - and I am feeling completely lame for living less than 5 minutes away and having not met him yet. Let's just say you will be getting a call tomorrow.

Oye vay, I'm slow.