Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quincy's First Trip

This past weekend, Solon, Quincy and I boarded a plane for Seattle, to visit Solon's mom & Tony who just moved there for their jobs. Quincy was dressed appropriately for the Southwest flight, in his little airplane onesie that my friend Merrily gave us. Quincy slept through the whole flight there and was wrapped around me in a Moby front carrier which is really the greatest invention.

Since this was our first time traveling with a baby, I got a little stressed out in the beginning. Maybe because you have to take so much stuff for an infant, and we didn't know what he would need, and I had been working so hard at getting him on a schedule, and when you travel it all goes to pot, etc, etc. But once we got there, and got settled, and I chilled out - it was all good, and we had a great time.

Quincy had so much fun playing in his travel bed!

We went the Mom & Tony's office building downtown, and I just realized that I didn't take a picture of her awesome view. Instead, here is a pic of Quincy getting burped after a bottle.

Here is an action shot from Pike's Market

One of Solon's best friends, Vince, lives in Seattle, and spent the day with us on Saturday. Here he is meeting Quincy for the first time.

Mom & Tony in front of the water

and with Quincy

Solon & Vince - (they used to play football together at Drake)

Mommy & Baby

Me with Vince

Quincy with his Grandma Lisa

On Mom & Tony's deck before heading back to the airport - They had a gorgeous view! You can see Mount Ranier on a clear day!

In the airport heading home

Forrest recovering from being away from his mom & dad for a whole weekend

Next time we go, we will plan to check out more of the touristy stuff like the Space Needle and the original Starbucks. I would also like to do some research on locations where the Tom Hanks' movie Sleepless in Seattle was filmed, so I can re-enact some scenes. =)

We had a wonderful time, and ate some AMAZING seafood, and went to a really cool winery, and were able to grab some Pizza Schmizza before we left. (Solon and I fell in love with Pizza Schmizza on a trip to Portland back in 2003 - and we found one 20 minutes away from mom's house! - It's a Pacific Northwest chain.)

In other news, today Quincy had his 2-month check up at the Pediatrician's office. He weighs 13 lbs. 4 oz. (which puts him in the 75% percentile), he is 25 in. long (taller than 95% of other children his age) and the doctor says he is doing great, to which I responded "Thank you!" but was thinking to myself, duh - he's a Bell! We are loving this kid more and more each day. He is sleeping 8+ hours straight at night, and sleeps for a total of 10-12 hours at night - so we are all getting better sleep.

Yesterday was Solon's 31st birthday - we celebrated with some homemade spaghetti, salad, and a great bottle of Columbia Valley Novelty Hill Sangiovese that mom bought us from the Januik Winery we visited. Delicious!

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